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Seeking workers?

It's a job seekers market. With record low unemployment, employers are struggling to find and retain workers, including young and minimum wage employees.

If you're looking to hire minimum wage workers, you need to cater to Generation Z, people born between the mid-1990s to mid-2000s. They're entering the workforce and can be choosy about where they work.

The economy is doing so well, and unemployment rates are at all-time lows, so it's hard to find employees in general.  There are so many available jobs that candidates are able to find multiple positions and better negotiate.

To attract workers, employers need to offer more than just pay. As the economy remains hot, many businesses have boosted pay, added vacation days, and other bells and whistles to outdo the competition. 

It takes the right approach and know-how to find, hire, and keep quality employees. Here are four ways you can attract the right employees and stand out against competing employers in your industry.

Like all employees, younger employees want, and are demanding, better benefits and flexibility. If your business can provide a competitive benefits package, you'll be a step ahead of the competition. 

Flexibility is also important for minimum wage employees because many of them are still in high school or college. They have other responsibilities, such as school to work around.

2. Create a positive work environment and show you care.

Employees will stick with businesses if they enjoy coming into work, feel valued and are gaining solid experience.

One way to help employees gain valuable experience is with training and leadership programs. "While such jobs are, for the vast majority of these employees, not going to be a career for them, the employee can take advantage of some differentiating skills-building programs," said Sanders.

As a company, your reputation matters. But both consumers and potential employees are becoming increasingly conscious of corporate social responsibility.

If your employer brand is tagged with a bad reputation for how it treats people or the community, ... prospective applicants are going to see this and think long and hard before they consider you.

Offer employees opportunities to get involved in the community and participate in volunteer work. 

If you aren't doing so already, provide leadership and development programs to employees, including mentorship opportunities. Mentorship makes employees feel valued and that they are part of the team.  

Last, think about what you wanted from your past employers and what made you leave a job.  Don't do that.